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Manera Properties is a family run business, specialising in holiday rental apartments in Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde.

Santa Maria is an old fishing village, my dad was born here in 1945, and things have changed significantly since then. In more recent years tourism has become the main source of income for the local people this is due to the stability of the Cape Verde economy, a safe Christian nation, the biggest draw is the warm azure blue sea and the soft white sand.

I started off with one apartment decided to list and set up Manera properties. I love coming to Cape Verde but unfortunately, I only get to spend a few weeks a year here. It seemed selfish to have a property sitting empty most of the year. I wanted to share with people my joy of visiting this beautiful island to help people to experience the Cape Verdean culture, cuisine and the incredible music. Cape Verdean people are very creative, friendly and family orientated, you will love your time on the beautiful island of Sal.

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